Volunteer Screening

Concerned about protecting your nonprofit organization? So are we. Whether it is a church, a youth sports organization, or a service provider for senior citizens; non-profits can be distinctively vulnerable to thieves, con artists, and sexual predators.

Wons® Background Investigations has been protecting non-profits for over 18 years. We have the experience and expertise to spot these threats and stop them at the door. We also understand that most volunteer organizations are operating with limited budgets. So we have developed low cost solutions such as our instant alias national database search and special non-profit rates to do our part to support our community.

Person Search

This search is the precursor of any criminal record search. By using the information maintained by the credit reporting agencies we are able to gather a list of addresses and previous names of your volunteers. We then use this information to make sure your volunteer is not hiding a record under an unreported name or place of residence.

Sex Offender Record Search

A nation-wide sex offender search. A necessity for pastors, youth pastors, children’s ministry volunteers, and coaches of youth sporting events.


Nation-Wide Criminal Database Search

A powerful, virtually instant multi-jurisdictional search of over 245 million state and county criminal records, including the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (CCAP.). This database is compiled from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), and state sex offender registries from across the country. Also included in each search are national and international terrorism sources such as OFAC. This is an effective tool for discovering additional jurisdictions where criminal offenses may have occurred outside of an applicant’s indicated residential and employment address history.

Driving Record

Avoid the liability of allowing an unlicensed driver use one of your organization’s vehicles. This is a really important search for any volunteers who may be transporting youth or elderly to church events or youth to sports tournaments.