Tenant Screening

Worried about renting an apartment to the wrong person? A lot can go wrong if you do. Whether it be not paying rent, damages, or illegal activity, the wrong renter can have a major detrimental effect on the property you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

Wons® Background Investigations can screen out those risky renters through an array of tenant screening services including credit reports and nation-wide eviction records. Not sure how to set the criteria for approval? We can help.

Our tenant score card allows you to preset your credit requirements and reports a pass or fail for each of your preset categories. This ensures a consistent approach to your approval process and can protect you from discrimination allegation. And best of all, the results are instant. You can literally approve a renter moments after showing the apartment and obtain a commitment while the renter is still “in the moment.”

Person Search

This search is the precursor of any criminal record search. By using the information maintained by the credit reporting agencies we are able to gather a list of addresses and previous names of your potential renters. We then use this information to make sure your tenant is not hiding a record under an unreported name or place of residence.

This database is compiled from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC), and state sex offender registries from across the country. Also included in each search are national and international terrorism sources such as OFAC. This is an effective tool for discovering additional jurisdictions where criminal offenses may have occurred outside of an applicant’s indicated residential and employment address history.


InstaEviction National Lookup

The all new InstaEviction National Lookup combines the power of Person Search with Trade House Data’s National evictions database. By using the full name and address history associated with the applicant’s SSN, deceptive applicant practices, such as omitting an address with an eviction, are prevented. This comprehensive search tool uses sophisticated algorithms to accurately match the applicant’s address and name history essentially eliminating false positives. This single, powerful tool ensures you get the most complete and accurate results possible.

Tenant Scorecard

A pass/fail tool that helps bring consistency to your tenant screening process. You choose the requirements your applicant must meet in categories such as credit score, income to debt ratio, income to rent ratio, number of delinquent accounts, number of collections, and the amount of time since bankruptcies. This tool will automatically and instantly integrate with the applicants’ credit report and display pass or fail in each category as well as an overall rating. You can use the tenant scorecard as a consistent standard and protect yourself from discrimination allegations.

Other Services

National sex offender searches, employment verifications, and Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance Consulting are also available through Wons Background Investigations, your full service tenant screening company.